NOTAC at a Glance

Working for a stable economy that supports a healthy, balanced environment and provides working forests for people forever.

The North Olympic Timber Action Committee was formed in February of 1989 by a group of citizens concerned about the future of our forest industry and its economic impact on our community. Since then, NOTAC has been a thriving non-profit, grassroots organization working to preserve and enhance the commercial forest land in Washington for future generations.

NOTAC Members Are:

NOTAC's growing membership consists of individuals, businesses, and other organizations that recognize the value and benefit of sound and responsible forest management. NOTAC represents interests involved in all aspects of commercial forest, including ...
  • People directly employed in the forest industry (i.e., loggers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.)
  • People indirectly empoyed in the industry (i.e., services and retail businesses)
  • People receiving tax-related benefits from forest revenue (i.e., schools, hospitals, roads, etc.)
  • People using forestry related consumer goods and products
  • People using forest for personal enjoyment and recreation

NOTAC's Mission

To educate NOTAC members, the general public and elected officials about:
(1) Important issues affecting the forest industry and its management. (2) The benefits of effectively managing forest lands in ways that will improve the state's social, environmental and economic health. To promote (1) the laws, rules and regulations that enhance commercial forest management and related natural resources. (2) The cooperation and relationships with other groups and individuals sharing similar objectives.

NOTAC: Positive Force