Proposed Wild Olympics Opposition

We are proud to present to you some of the letters that have been sent in opposition of the Wild Olympics Proposed Changes.

Please feel free to read through some of these letters to see what your community members have to say.

Kaj Ahlburg - Dec. 1, 2012: There are enough protected natural areas on the peninsula already. Olympic National Park does not even have the resources to properly take care (maintenance and repairs) of the area it already has.

Quinalt Valley Lumber & Timber Co. - Oct. 2, 2012: While not being a resident of Port Angeles or even Clallam County I want you, our neighbors to the north, to be aware of the huge and still-growing opposition to the Wild Olympics Proposal here in Grays Harbor County.

Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce - Oct. 2, 2012: After discussing this proposed legislation with the Chamber’s Board of Directors, which is a representative cross section of the business community, there remain serious concerns to whether the proposed changes will truly be beneficial to the health of the forests. It is also believed that these changes will have a adverse impact to current forest industry jobs, which are of primary concern to many residents in the area.

Port Angeles Business Association - July 24, 2012: The Port Angeles Business Association (PABA) opposes the Wild Olympics Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2012 and requests all of our elected representatives to discontinue their support of this legislation.

Port Angeles Business Association - Dec. 13, 2011: . Since working forest s provide important economic and ecologic products and values, we urge you to implement the concept of No Net Loss of Working Forests.

EDC - Jan. 30, 2012: Clallam County Economic Development Council Board must oppose any aspect of the Wild Olympic Campaign proposal that would result in a negative economic impact to our communities. Further, Clallam EDC resolves to concisely and consistently communice that it cannot support any initiative that represents a potentially negative impact on the County's family wage job.